Scholarships for specialized schools

“I just want to say thanks again for the scholarship.  It has made learning possible for Christian.  Without your help I feel we would not be academically where we are today.  I am so grateful for all you have provided to make Christian’s education possible.”

Sincerely grateful,
Loriann Lovejoy

 ​​“Miracles happen to those who believe in them." At the age of 7 we found that my daughter could not improve her reading level.  She repeated second grade because she was reading at a kindergarten level. She didn’t feel smart enough, she was depressed and sad.  We tested her and at that moment we realized that she would not be able to learn at the same pace that most of the kids her age do, because she has dyslexia. Two years ago, the miracle happened.  The Frances McGlannan Foundation provided tuition assistance so that she could attend McGlannan School. Today she knows that in this place everybody has the possibility to learn thanks to individualized methods, dedication, attention, compassion, love, respect and discipline.
     We are so grateful to be part of this wonderful school which was made possible by the Frances McGlannan Foundation.
-Clementina Diaz

  Acceptance to Greenwood School and tuition assistance from the Frances McGlannan Foundation has made a remarkable difference in my daughter's young life.  Amelia is with other familiar classmates and teachers that are trained to bring out the best in her academically.  The supportive learning environment enables Amelia to produce and progress as evidenced by her grades.
     The difference in Amelia's confidence compared to last year is striking.  I feel my daughter has reemerged as the happy, spirited student she was before entering the mainstream public school system.  At Greenwood School, Amelia radiates enthusiasm for every aspect of her school day.
     Amelia's teaching team enjoys having her in their classes.  She is considered a hard worker and a willing learner.  She is well behaved and she helps other students with schoolwork they don't understand.
     Please know Amelia and I are very grateful for the Foundation's assistance in making this possible."

 -John Brocato

Amelia’s grades earned a 1st Quarter Middle School Award for the A/B Honor Roll.  The award demonstrates a continued commitment to achieving excellence and success so far this school year.  It is a remarkable accomplishment compared to the same time last year in the mainstream Duval County school system.
     Amelia tried out and was accepted on the Greenwood Cheerleader Squad.  Greenwood offers opportunities not available to Amelia in past years.  The experience is having a dramatic, positive effect on Amelia’s self-confidence.
     The academic environment at Greenwood is enabling Amelia to overcome her learning differences.  Hearing her read is music to my ears.  I thank the McGlannan Foundation every morning for providing this educational opportunity for my daughter.

-John Brocato    

​     Your scholarship awards to our daughter, Isabella, has enabled her to attend a school where she has gained the self-confidence and academic acuity that is beyond our greatest expectations. Just last year she received the Mathematics Student of the Year Award. 
     Her delight in going to school every day and her strategic approach to school work is a dream come true. This has been a life-changing event for our family. Thank you so very much.

-Susan Bright 

     Without the talent,skill and genius of Frances McGlannan and The McGlannan School team, I never could have reached the success I’ve achieved in my career. Mrs. McGlannan’s unique, ground-breaking learning techniques gave me valuable, life changing tools that continue to help me persevere and overcome my dyslexia and learning challenges.
     This foundation is so important because it will help provide scholarships to bright young children who have tremendous potential to reach their dreams, but whose families cannot afford tuition at McGlannan. My parents did not have the financial means to pay for my private education and no scholarships were available when I attended the school for eight years from 1976 to 1983. However, through the generosity and support of a wealthy relative who underwrote my education, I was fortunate enough to benefit from and attend such a remarkable program that put me on the right path and changed my life forever. I often reflect on the importance and positive impact The McGlannan School and Frances McGlannan have had in my life. It is truly an extraordinary, one of a kind program.

Mitch Lazar
​Former McGlannan School Student

 The McGlannan School has had a profound impact on me and my twodaughters, Ashley and Shelby. We were afforded a solid foundation of academic skills provided in a caring environment.  Today we are all confident, productive and striving in our various roles. Thank you, Mrs. McGlannan, and all the teachers and staff.

-Howard and Pam Wolofsky

​​​​     It was nearly 36 years ago that we brought our youngest daughter, Mary, to McGlannan for an interview. A few months before, one of her teachers at her previous school (a prominent private school for girls) had expressed a concern over Mary’s classroom struggles with basic reading and other comprehension exercises. Although Mary, at age six, exhibited average intellectual ability, her teacher observed evidence that perhaps a deficit in auditory and visual processing was impeding her learning achievement. The first psychologist we took her to for observation told us that we, her parents, were the problem; basically, that Mary, the youngest of our three children, “was not being raised properly.” We thanked him for his time and immediately made arrangements to see another practitioner for a second opinion. She was tested scientifically and we were told she was challenged by both memory retention and audio perception difficulties. This is when we were referred to McGlannan School for help. McGlannan put a name on Mary’s problem – dyslexia – and explained how she could be helped to overcome her deficiencies.
     We are so very thankful to Mrs. Frances McGlannan and her teachers who helped Mary Kayal become the wonderful and talented young lady she is today. From McGlannan, Mary went on to graduate from a local, academically superior, private high school and then Lynn University, where she excelled as a student and athlete. She was a member of Lynn’s NAIA nationally ranked varsity tennis team. Today, Mary is part owner and Managing Partner of Lahoud and Hardan Enterprises,Inc., a local contracting,development, and realty firm.
     As parents and grandparents, what a joy it is to see our daughter become such a positive influence in the lives of her nieces and nephews. By sharing her appreciation for the opporunities McGlannan made possible in her life in enabling her to seamlessly transition from McGlannan to a very successful high school career to Lynn University, she is an exemplar of determination and what it takes to overcome difficulty. We are very proud today to have our youngest grandchild and Mary’s Godson, Mitchell Joseph Kayal, attending his second year at McGlannan after transitioning from an Episcopal School, which he attended through first grade. We know that Mitchell, like Mary before him, is blessed to be part of the McGlannan family.

Raymond J. Kayal, Sr.

     My journey to the McGlannan School was similar to that of most McGlannan students. From pre-school through the first grade I excelled in class as compared with other students. Then, early in the second grade, my pace began to slow, nearly to the point of stalling. My parents and my teachers could not understand what was happening and decided that a different setting might be the answer; between the second and third grades I was enrolled in three elementary schools. During the third grade, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and was placed on medication. Even then my academic progress lagged far behind that of my peers and I struggled to complete even the simplest assignments. My teachers were not prepared for a case like mine. They were frustrated. My parents were desperate. I was scared. By the time I arrived at McGlannan I was emotionally beat down and mentally exhausted.
     At McGlannan I finally found an environment which I could succeed. For the first time I had teachers and counselors who not only understood what I was going through, but also what to do about it. Every aspect of the school, from the small classes to the highly trained and specialized, was designed with students like me in mind; in hindsight, it was no accident that each classroom had enough chess sets for every student. At McGlannan I received the individual attention that I so desperately needed, and before long I made up the ground that I had lost over the preceding years. More importantly, I gained the ability to manage my condition by developing habits that I still use to this day. After three and a half years at McGlannan I emerged confident and well prepared to cope with, and thrive in, a traditional learning environment.
     Upon leaving McGlannan I was accepted for enrollment at a highly selective college preparatory school. After graduating I attended the Florida State University, where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, followed by a Master’s Degree in International Studies from Florida International University. Three years later I fulfilled a goal of which I had dreamt since I was nine years old when I was awarded a Jurist Doctorate from the University of Notre Dame Law School. Today I am a practicing attorney at a prestigious boutique law firm, and not a day goes by that I do not think back on the time at McGlannan, without which none of my accomplishments would have been possible.

-Christopher D. Avila, Esq.


        When my son began at McGlannan, I did not expect him to go to college! Today, he is on the Dean’s List at Brandeis University. I count the day that Mrs. McGlannan decided to give my son a chance to go to McGlannan as one of the luckiest days of my life. I hope this scholarship fund will help many children succeed in school. It’s a wonderful place!

-Lisa Hirsch

     ​I am a freshman now finishing my first year of high school at Gulliver prep. My years at McGlannan taught me organization skills. McGlannan helped shape my academic life. McGlannan  prepared me for high school. I am now able to come home and organize my homework so I am able to do in the most efficient way. A large amount of homework, when organized properly, looks easy.

-Kevin A. Rubin

     Our daughter had issues relating to her reading at her private school. After many meetings with faculty in her school, we had her tested. We were advised of her dyslexia and immediately began discussing her enrollment at McGlannan School. We are very pleased with her improvements and are grateful to everyone at McGlannan. She not only made wonderful friends, she is now back at her former school, excelling very well as a junior. Her grades are A’s and B’s, and she is back enjoying her studies without frustrations. We recommend the McGlannan School to others, and we wish the best to all those attending!


     At age 8, our bright and articulate child could barely read at kindergarten level, was depressed, demoralized and hyperactive. McGlannan literally changed our child’s life. Now in the running as a National Merit Scholar Semifinalist, we can unequivocally say McGlannan School changed our child’s life, his belief in himself and in forgoing his future with confidence. None of it would have been possible without the learning strategies he absorbed at McGlannan School.

 -Angel & Marielle Kaifer

     My son couldn’t read when he went to McGlannan in the 4th grade. He stayed at McGlannan until 8th grade. In 9th grade, he went to Mast – which was difficult, but he managed to stay in there and graduate. And now, he’s finishing his AA in Industrial Milwright at Great Basin College in Nevada and works at a historic railroad museum, the Nevada Northern. It was a difficult journey, but I attribute the teaching techniques at McGlannan to his current success. He even made the Dean’s List this semester. It was difficult for all of us to make the trek to McGlannan School from Downtown to Kendall every day, but it was well worth it, one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

-Janice Cacace

     I cannot say enough wonderful things about McGlannan. Kathryn is a junior in high school taking AP and Honor classes. Her success is because of McGlannan. Thank you.

-Anne Becton

     McGlannan school was a gift from God! We are so grateful that our daughter Kirsten was able to attend. The skills and confidence she acquired at McGlannan empowered her to go on to Suffolk University in Boston, and the KLC school of interior design in London, England.

     She current works for a leading interior design company in London and loves her career. Thank you Mrs. Frances McGlannan.

-Anthony and Gillian Phillips